WaterWorks!2 "Dolarium.Water - DoL(L)" Performance

water_works_2.gifMagacin u Kraljevića Marka 19 March, from 1PM to 3PM - Magic and ritual as a determinanted like something that is transcendental or out of range, because of the lack of scientific explanations for natural phenomena that have happened. In fact, ritual is translated like a game, the way how in the past people determined, celebrated and managed natural processes in the absence of an exact measurement for formal reality...invoked a certain name and worshiped him.



water_works_2.gifWelcome to WATER WORKS!  online event & exhibition on Waterwheel ! 250+ entries, 150+ scientists, artists, activists and youth from 5 continents contributed to the call for the online exhibition: WATER WORKS! Contributors responded to the questions: 1. how WATER WORKS despite climate change, financial crises, war, and global environmental damage, 2. how art, science, design, and activism can reinstate the social, cultural and environmental value of water and 3. how we can give recognition to the indispensable and invaluable ways that water works.


Access Space World Wide Digithon

Access space is the longest running free media and digital arts lab in the UK, running since 2000. Access Space World Wide Digithon festival of Net performances start at 19th July 2014 BST, for 24 hours straight, all day and all night.  You can see diverse live performances streamed from around the world, as well as locally in Sheffield. Live streaming openning is at 7am Saturday on site:  digithon.lurk.org


#33 session - VOICE OF THE FUTURE 5

22nd March, Belgrade - Katarina Djordjevic Urosevic performance Lake Zoo - English Teacher: Sladjana Zivkovic; Help: Ljiljana Novak - Eng/Esp; Class VII4: Sofija Urosević, Bogdana Maric, Marija Horvat, Anita Novak, Jovana Veskovic, Iva Radulovic, Uroš Pendic & Nikola Vusurovic. Photos of performance you can see HERE


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