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Platform artskylight.com is an interactive web application that provides an opportunity for visitors to use it, in many levels - through dynamic site that is specialized for digital performance (like: news, streaming, chat, blog)  - or through a stage: where is possible to perform, using the tool's and Web cameras.

If looking at the word "platform" and "website" we conclude that it`s primarily a kind of tool, through a series of design and programming ventures made and designed, programmed, installed in accordance with the intended purpose, and if is the same global naming concept, the application is always different. The media on the internet should be combined in many ways and in many varieties, and the visual appearance and using of the platform or site, are always different and depend primarily of the production and organization points and innovation's of website webmasters.

What connects the analog and digital methods? It is exactly the performance as a visual expression, a kind of game, that civilization used in various forms since centuries. That artistic disciplines like "word" came to life in the last century, broke away from the theater but in fact somewhere still very similar. Digital performance is a new discipline in the performing arts, product of technological revolution - which escalated example, because of new needs to increase the speed of: news, knowledge and any kind of informations flow in the modern world.

NET performance (cyberformance, cyberdrama, hyperformance, telematic performance, online performance) are relatively new area in the art. For this reason we started researching and designing a platform for web performances, to give a creative people the opportunity to express themselves artistically and digitally on the new territory. artskylight.com is support for the broadcasting of real physical space in performative - virtual gallery.

That would be allowed artists and enthusiasts from around the world to perform on the internet and to jointly collaborate, create, and make a new artistic content, without have been physically in the "same place at the same time." It would be enabled like a kind of LIVE video emitting which is developing performative art practice in the new digital direction.



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