Test-inng artskylight @Body My Pictures - Cyber x tech x text session

25th November , Wednesday at 9am Cet - site testing. Test-ing: examines the endurance of site - how much players can support without problems? Will be 6 performers on site players, trough justin.tv server, which will try to explore site stability. Is preparing for futured group performance, that will explore performances of old avagarde, example dada text, acts, losing a linear way of thinking, playing with the formal method of presentation of the text and words... 

Site Tes-ers:

Programmer: Dan Laurentiu Marius,

Artists: Suzon Fuks, Jelena Lalić, James Cunningham, Milan Đurić & Katarina DJ Urošević.

If is anyone interested and free, will be great to join us for performance.

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