CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium - 3WDS14

Following last year’s success, this 3rd online edition of Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium - 3WDS14 will be hosted during the week leading up to and concluding on World Water Day, 22 March 2014. Scientists, academics, artists, architects, urbanists, engineers, practitioners, activists, inventors and water drinkers are invited to submit projects and papers (25-minute presentations), performances (up to 20 minutes), panels and workshops (3 hours maximum and panels must include at least 45 minutes of discussion), on the theme “Water Views: Caring and Daring”.

As an element, water embodies extremes and contrasts: oceanic depth or shallow rivulet, transparent or opaque, flowing or still. Water cycles through the living systems of the planet: water bodies, life forms, atmosphere. Climate change has produced global water extremes in terms of sea level rise, polar ice disappearance, floods, droughts and desertification. Is water a shared resource or a commodity that is bought, sold, owned and wasted? While we might not all share the same perception of water, exploring deeper connections to it may facilitate a greater understanding of how our collective views have influenced actions and decisions about water.

3WDS14 will explore questions about how we are living, and will continue to live, with water and its contrasts. There is a demand for new perceptions and approaches to water management, urban planning, and cooperation, as well as for a renewed respect for water as a vital resource and shared heritage.

The symposium encourages transdisciplinary approaches that include the following sub-themes:
Histories of human perceptions and practices pertaining to freshwater and seawater
Knowledge of our vulnerabilities and conflicts, needs and trends, success and failures involving water
Communication facilitating our collective goals, plans, values and dreams for water, as well as the governance and stewardship that would facilitate them.

3WDS14 will take place on the Internet platform and in “nodes”. Nodes are physical venues for screening portions of the programme to local audiences, as well as for hosting presenters. The symposium is a week-long series of online events representing a diverse collection of geographically - dispersed individuals and communities, with nodes, so far, in San Francisco, New York, Buenos Aires, Tunis, Berlin, Coburg, Poznan, Torun, Paris, Syracuse, Athens, Hydra and Cairns. We also welcome proposals for new nodes.

Technical hints here:

Fostering greater creative collaboration among artists and scientists in this year’s symposium, four days of “pitch matching sessions” (Oct 18-21) will offer options for meeting others and exchanging ideas prior to submitting project proposals. If you are interested, please join the doodle, HERE introducing yourself and your work in the comments section!
We are putting out a special call for proposals from youth, up to age 18 - open HERE   


27 September 2013 Call open
18, 19, 20 & 21 Oct 2013 Online pitch matching sessions -
22 November 2013 Closing date for submission
21 January 2014 Notifications
4 February 2014 Program out
1-4 March 2014 Training on Waterwheel & technical test
7 March 2014 Final papers and media uploaded
17 - 22 March 2014 Symposium week
The proceedings will be peer-reviewed and published online as an e-book with an ISBN.


AR: CEIArtE – UNTREF, IQlab & Reciclarte (Buenos Aires)
AU: Bonemap (Cairns); Inkahoots & Igneous (Brisbane)
DE: Bildungsbüro, Aktionstag (Coburg)
GR: World Water Museum Installation (Athens)
PL: Centre of Contemporary Arts (Torun) & University of Arts, Studio for Transdisciplinary Projects & Research (Poznan)
TN: University of Tunis
USA: Ear to the Earth (NY); Milk Bar & WEAD – Women Environmental Artists Directory (San Francisco)
The selection committee is composed of professors, teachers, researchers, scientists and artists:
AR: Alejandra Ceriani, Bernardo Piñero (Buenos Aires)
AR / CA: Ricardo Dal Farra (Buenos Aires / Montreal)
AU: Leah Barclay, Suzon Fuks (Brisbane); Russell Milledge (Cairns); Mary Gardner (Byron Bay)
CO / FR: Paula Vélez (Medellín / Paris)
DE: Irina Novarese (Berlin); Jasmin Müller-Alefeld (Coburg)
IT / AU: Silvana Tuccio (Syracuse / Melbourne)
NZ: Ian Clothier (New Plymouth)
PL: Dobrila Denegri (Torun)
PL / DE: Joanna Hoffmann-Dietrich (Poznan / Berlin)
TN: Amin Hammami (Tunis)
USA: Allison Leigh Holt, Ian Winters, Lauren Elder, Molly Hankwitz (San Francisco); DL ‘West’ Marrin (San Diego)

AR / CA: Ricardo Dal Farra (CEIArtE-UNTREF, Buenos Aires / Hexagram-Concordia University, Montreal)
AU: Russell Milledge (James Cook University, Cairns)
PL: Joanna Hoffmann-Dietrich (University of Arts, Studio for Transdisciplinary Projects and Research, Poznan)
TN: Amin Hammami (University of Tunis)

AU: Suzon Fuks (Brisbane)
DE: Mariana Carranza, Jasmin Müller-Alefeld (Coburg)
GR: Keti Haliori, Despina Economopulu (Athens)
NZ: Elizabeth Bryce (Christchurch)
USA: Michele Guieu (San Jose)

AR: Alberto Vazquez (Buenos Aires)
AU: James Cunningham, Suzon Fuks (Brisbane)
IL: Hedva Eltanani (Tel Aviv)
RS: Katarina Djordjevic Urosevic (Belgrade)
TN: Amin Hammami (Tunis)

The selection committee’s notification will be announced on January 21, 2014. Text of selected works should be formatted according the template provided HERE  and uploaded by 7 March 2014 latest.
Guidelines for submitting a proposal with “EasyChair conference system”

Proposals should be uploaded via the EasyChair conference system and be 300 words maximum, and include links to supporting materials.
Final papers should be a maximum 3000 words
Performances and installations should be appropriate for the proposed site and conference theme, and must be viewable by an online audience on Waterwheel’s Tap (a videoconferencing, media mixing, and interactive system).
Time limits are: 25 minutes (projects and papers), 20 minutes (performances), 3 hours max (panels and workshops, including at least 45 minutes discussion for panels)
We encourage trans-disciplinary and artistic/scientific projects that include, but are not limited to, a combination of creative approaches, which could include factual, literary, playful, poetic, musical, auditory, technological (innovations or hacks), visual, and any others related to our curatorial theme of ‘Water Views: Caring and Daring’.
Projects will be selected on the basis of their addressing the main theme and sub-themes of the Symposium, as well as their focus on critical awareness, novel questions, or explorations into the nexus of critical and creative ideas.
Note: Performances, presentations and panels will be streamed ‘live’ online on the Waterwheel Tap and from the nodes. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you exploit Tap-specific functionalities, which include layers, visuals and sound (e.g., live drawing, video, stills, animations, sound, and as many as 6 webcams), and/or audience interaction (e.g., chat boxes). Please look at past Symposium documentation on the Waterwheel blog http://blog.water- as part of preparation for your proposal. All selected participants will be asked to practice on the Tap. While this step in the proposal process is formal, our intention is to mix session types throughout the Symposium week. Abstracts, and proposals for performances, workshops and panels, must be submitted BEFORE

22 NOV 2013 via the electronic EasyChair system

1. Register & log in
2. Click on top menu on “new submission”
3. Fill in the form:
Abstract: this field includes most of the information:
- description of the performance, workshop, panel proposal and/or paper abstracts (300 words maximum)
- links to support material
- biography of each participant (100 words each maximum)
- names and locations of people involved
- Note: if there are only certain times you can present, please state them
Select one category: paper, performance, workshop or panel
Keywords (minimum 3 words)
Topics - tick one of the 3 sub-themes
Tick ‘abstract only’ at this stage, and you will upload the full paper by 7 March here

4. Then, SUBMIT!
NOTE: To change any information about your proposal or withdraw it, please use the links in the upper right corner in EasyChair. To submit click HERE 
For more details, please watch the video tutorial
Email your questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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