Water-Wheel / Installation performance - RESIDENCY

From Wednesday 03 October 2012 -  08:00am
To Monday 22 October 2012 - 05:00pm
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Residency at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts IN BRISBANE: in the context of her Fellowship, Suzon Fuks worked with Anna Yen & Maartje Belmer (performers), Rozina Suliman (set designer), Nathen Street (interactive system design), Doug Leonard (dramaturg), James Cunningham (external eye & go between)...

Laura Steiner (AV assistant/documenter), Felicity Organ-Moore (light & production), and Will Davies (IT) on an installation performance using WATERWHEEL for its content and tools.

ONLINE CREW devisers: Amin Hammami (sound), Hedva Eltanani, Katarina DJ Urošević, Kaz L Gibbs, and Maartje (choreography & project assistant) + Dawn Albinger (voice over)

- central dramaturgical question: how to share what we have
- main research elements: shared spaces, different spaces and connections between online & onsite audience & performers.


English Chinese (Simplified) French Serbian Spanish

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