Water-Wheel / Installation performance - RESIDENCY

From Monday 28 November 2011
To Saturday 10 December 2011
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The residency, in the shopfront of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, ended this December. It allowed to develop, refine and present an immersive installation performance which took the audience through an interactive exploration of water issues, the use of Waterwheel, physical engagement and real-time collaboration with online crew from around the world and Anna Yen performing in Brisbane (28. Nov-10. Dec 2011).

The 4 public showings, 7-10 December 2011, were full-house. Sadly, Doug Leonard, who worked on the dramaturgy and wrote the 'watervoice' poem (edited version in the video poem below), died suddenly during the season. We lived a moving moment when Cherry, online performer, gave a eulogy & toasted with all crew and audience to celebrate his life!

A BIG thank you to the entire artistic team:

- ONLINE CREW - devisors: Amin Hammami, Cherry Truluck, Hedva Eltanani, Katarina DJ Urošević, Maartje Belmer (choreography & project assistant) and Aafke de Jong (dramaturgy)

- ONSITE CREW - in Brisbane: Suzon Fuks (director, devisor, concept) Anna Yen (devisor-performer), Nathen Street (interactive system design), James Cunningham (external eye, devisor & go between), Doug Leonard (poem & dramaturgy), Jeff Turpin (window panels), Laura Steiner (documenter), Felicity Organ-Moore (light & production), Will Davies (IT) and Dawn Albinger (voice over)

- and Waterwheel co-founders INKAHOOTS


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