Water-Wheel / TAP - 2nd lab - extra sessions

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Session with Maartje (Amsterdam), Suzon Fuks & James Cunningham (both in Brisbane): deepening what has been done previously > floating movement & visual material with camera pointing down.

II Session with Katarina (Belgrade), Carlotta (Munich) & Suzon (Brisbane)
camera from above - attempts to float (spad up)
> turning on the spot in middle of the frame
> turning around the frame with extremities entering the frame
> with back up the frame
> on the back with legs and arms up tangled together
> different levels: flat on the ground, and getting closer to camera

III Effective and easy way of having floating body parts:  just by being in a dark space and dark clothes, with computer screen light, only the uncovered body parts are shown - with Cherry (London) & Suzon (Brisbane)

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